Terms of Service

Last update: October 2017

Welcome to the Forartcut Terms of Service – read them carefully! These terms govern all use of the Forartcut website www.forartcut.com

1 Acceptance of Terms

In order to gain full access to Forartcut services you must first register. By doing so you give your consent to our Terms of Service and we become contractual partners.

2 Services

Forartcut is a service for selling a digital goods.
This is all original artwork created by Forartcut and we legally own the content (sometimes called intellectual property). You are welcome to make and sell physical items from the digital files however, the files themselves are not intended for distribution or re-sale and may not be copied, duplicated, or transmitted in any way. Buyer agrees not to copy or distribute the electronic files.

3 Registration

You can register for Forartcut. Your registration becomes effective once we activate your account. You may select a username and change it at any time.

Any information submitted to us during registration or in other communication must be complete and correct. Keep your password confidential and your user profile updated so we can contact you at any time.

Your account is valid for you and only you. You may not transfer it to anyone else or allow someone else to use it.

4 Use by Minors

You must be at least 18 years old – or have the consent of a parent or legal guardian – to be able to register for Forartcut. By registering you confirm that you are either aged 18 or older or that your parent or legal guardian agrees that you can use Forartcut. We can ask you to prove the consent of your parent or legal guardian at any time. Parents or legal guardians who have provided their consent are fully responsible for the behavior of their children in accordance with the law and bear responsibility for their misconduct, along with any resulting damages. Parents and legal guardians are advised that content available on Forartcut may be inappropriate for minors.

5 Prohibited Content and Unacceptable Use of Forartcut

Content or behavior that infringes on the rights of third parties or violates applicable laws is not permitted on Forartcut. This includes:

Pornographic, offensive, or racist content, as well as content that violates the laws protecting children or minors. Content that you did not create yourself. This includes content wholly or partially copied from another copyrighted work without the permission of the applicable owner. This also includes content that infringes or violates the rights of third parties in any way, including personal, copyright, and intellectual property rights, along with any other applicable rights. Direct advertising or contacting other users to purchase or sell products or services, as well as any type of spamming or similar harassment.